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Tournament Policies

SOPGA Tournament Handbook

SOPGA Tournament Waiver

The SOPGA Board has adopted a revision to the unsanctioned event policy, which states that any event with a professional purse must receive a waiver in order for SOPGA Members and Apprentices to be considered eligible to participate.

  1. The SOPGA Tournament Committee must approve all waivers before permission is granted to SOPGA Members & Apprentices to compete.
  2. Monday events must submit an SOPGA Event Wavier by no later than January 31st of the year of the event. Non-Monday events must submit an SOPGA Event Wavier at least 3-weeks prior to event.
  3. You will be contacted once the SOPGA Tournament Committee has reviewed your request & reached a decision.

SOPGA Stance on New Groove Specifications

The SOPGA Board of Directors has approved implementing the Condition of Competition Regarding New Grooves for SOPGA Members and Apprentices playing in Section and Chapter events starting in March 2012. For a reference of what clubs meet the new groove specifications, please visit  the USGA’s Informational Club Database.

SOPGA Rules of Play Hard Card

SOPGA Pace of Play Guidelines