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Player Engagement

The PGA of America and Kim Shafer, our Player Engagement Consultant, work to provide our members with the best resources possible to make your facility’s player development and player engagement programs a success.

Learn more about these player development and player engagement resources: 

  • PGA Jr. League – PGA Jr. League is a game-changing opportunity that’s shifting the youth golf landscape and the way our sport is learned and played. It’s a program designed to help you positively enrich the lives of families and build strong communities around you, the PGA Coach, and your facility.  
  • PGA Family Cup – Be sure that you are taking advantage of the opportunity to get families off the sidelines and onto the course playing as a multi-generational team. Teams can have as little as two and up to six family members, as long as they include one adult and one child under 18. Think grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and more…all playing for the same team! 
  • PGA National Club Championship – At every golf course there is a club champion. To become the best player at his or her golf course, a Club Champion needs to work hard, practice and receive good guidance from a coach. Striving to be your best is one of the shared values at the PGA of America and The PGA Club Championship celebrates and represents achievements by the best amateur golfers and their PGA Coaches.
  • PGA.Coach – With a better work-life balance that allows you to focus on coaching, PGA Coach has the tools to help you grow and manage your business, and the expert training designed to help you better engage, inspire and retain golfers. 

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