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Legacy Award

Southern Ohio PGA Legacy Award

The Legacy Award was created to supplement the SOPGA Hall of Fame. The award honors a Past President or prominent SOPGA Member who has shown exemplary devotion and commitment to enhancing the well-being of the Southern Ohio PGA. The Legacy Award recognizes moments from our history that helped pave the foundation of the Section or promoted the game of golf in an extraordinary manner.

2021 Legacy Award Winner

Mike Crotty, PGA

Mike Crotty, PGA, a 48-year PGA Professional in the Southern Ohio Section, is the 2021 recipient of Southern Ohio PGA Section’s Legacy Award. An Ohio native, Crotty was introduced to golf at a young age and became a caddy at Brookside Golf & Tennis Club at eight-years-old. After pursuing a competitive playing career, he turned to teaching the sport and began his career at New Albany Country Club. Crotty took over as Head Professional at Darby Creek Golf Course and later took on the same position at Safari Golf Club where he spent 13 years of his career. Today, Crotty continues his passion of helping all golfers, no matter their skill level, improve their game. He is a PGA Jr. League Captain and assists as a PGA HOPE Instructor, both at the Golf Club of Dublin.  

Crotty has also been a crucial part of advancing the Southern Ohio Section. He was President of the Section in 1998-1999. His success in the industry has been recognized by the Southern Ohio PGA Section with the Youth Player Development award in 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1991; the Professional Development Award in 1999; and Golf Professional of the Year in 1996. Crotty was inducted into the Southern Ohio PGA Hall of Fame in 2006.


  • 2021 – Mike Crotty, PGA
  • 2020 – Steve Groves, PGA
  • 2019 – George Long, PGA
  • 2018 – Tom Littlepage, PGA
  • 2017 – Ron Stephanek & Jack Grout, PGA
  • 2016 – Ed Mitchell, PGA
  • 2015 – Bob Harrison, PGA
  • 2014 – Gary Dixon, PGA
  • 2013 – Tommy Bryant, PGA & John Marchi, PGA
  • 2012 – Bob Hauer, PGA
  • 2011 – Jim Gilbert, PGA
  • 2010 – Jim Slominski, PGA
  • 2009 – Dick Plummer, PGA
  • 2008 – Jack Ortman, PGA
  • 2007 – Bob Foppe, PGA
  • 2006 –Elhanon ‘El’ Collins, PGA
  • 2005 – NCR Country Club
  • 2004 – Johnny Fisher, PGA
  • 2003 – Scioto Country Club
  • 2002 – Pete Brown, PGA and Joe Thomas, PGA
  • 2001 – The 1945 PGA Championship at Moraine CC