FAIRBORN, OH – The Southern Ohio PGA is excited to name Hannah McCrabb, PGA Associate Assistant Professional at NCR Country Club, the 2022 SOPGA Associate of the Year. 

Hannah McCrabb, Associate Assistant Professional at NCR Country Club in Kettering, is the 2022 Southern Ohio PGA Associate of the Year. Although only recently beginning her career, McCrabb has been around the game for her entire life. Between competing in junior events for Springboro High School, collegiate level tournaments as part of the Asbury University Women’s Golf Team and working at Dayton-area green-grass facilities, she has developed a deep passion for the game. Since joining the PGA Associate program in early 2021, McCrabb has jumped feet first into becoming the best professional she can be. She prides herself on being a jack of all trades assisting with events, instruction, junior camps and anywhere she is needed. Her strong work ethic and positive, energetic personality drive her through each day leading others by her example. While growing within her career, McCrabb hopes to be a role model to other girls interested in the sport and business of golf. She is currently the Springboro Varsity Girls Golf Team Head Coach. The 2022 Associate of the Year award is McCrabb’s first recognition for industry success in Southern Ohio.


Q: What does it mean to you to be named the Southern Ohio PGA Associate of the Year? 

HM: I did not enter the Southern Ohio PGA Associate program to win awards, but this award truly is special. It means I’m taking the right steps toward my ultimate goal of being a Southern Ohio PGA Professional.

Q: What inspired your passion to be a part of the golf industry? 

HM: I have to give my family credit for instilling the love of golf in me. Some of my fondest memories – from riding in a golf cart with my grandma, playing high school and college golf, volunteering on the committee of the McCrabb Open, my family’s charity golf tournament, and now working at NCR Country Club – all center around golf. It all started with my grandma who introduced me to the game. My goal is to complete the PGA program in two years in my grandma’s memory. 

Q: What do you think makes a successful PGA Associate in the industry?

HM: It takes hard work, patience, and having a good work ethic. A successful Associate is someone who doesn’t have a job description and handles chores before being told by their bosses to do so. They show up early, stay late and never leave until everyone at the course is happy. It’s all about customer service.

Q: How important is it to continue learning as you pursue PGA Membership?

HM: Golf is an ever-changing professional field with the new technology and equipment. To stay ahead and be an up-to-date golf professional, you have to continue to learn every day. That means learning from PGA members, those who have been in this field for years. The veterans will be the reason I complete the program. 

Q: Since beginning the PGA Associate program, what has been the most surprising and/or interesting thing you’ve learned about yourself or the industry? 

HM: Just the number of PGA members who are willing to help the associates get through the program. The golf industry is one big family where everyone works toward the same goal. 

Q: Is there any advice you would give to someone thinking about getting into the industry? 

HM: Regardless if you’re thinking about the golf industry, or any profession for that matter, pick a career that involves something you love. You will work 40 hours a week for 40 years. Don’t pick a career you dread.


The SOPGA recognizes the PGA Member and Associate Assistant of the Year for their growth in their development as a golf professional as well as commitment to a career in the PGA. Criteria for these awards are based on: 1) overall performance as an Assistant golf professional; 2) services to the Section, Chapter or Association; 3) leadership ability and; 4) promotion of golf.  Click here to learn more about the Southern Ohio PGA Special Awards and to view previous recipients.