FAIRBORN, OH – Learn more about The Modern Coach philosophy from Southern Ohio PGA Member Brian Jones, PGA ahead of the 2022 SOPGA Fall Meeting where The Modern Coach will be a focus of the Meeting’s education.


Brian Jones, PGA, is the Director of Instruction at Kenwood Country Club in Cincinnati, OH. The Modern Coach is a coaching model and philosophy that delivers proven methods to leverage your business success by transitioning players into results-based group coaching. The Modern Coach will be a featured guest at the upcoming SOPGA Fall Meeting set for Monday, October 24, 2022.


What made you want to try RGX and Modern Coach?

I wanted to try it after meeting Will Robins and talking with him about my frustrations as an instructor.  I worked through the videos on PGA Coach and wanted to find out more.  I really felt like it could help my students and get them the results they needed faster.


What did you learn through the training?

A lot of what I learned were things I believed in and knew that had to be included in my teaching and coaching, but I didn’t know how to make them work and sell them to my current students and new ones.


How has this impacted your lesson program?

It has given my students quicker results, allowed me to make more money, work more efficiently and have more time for my family.  Most importantly it has taught me how to sell results, not just time!

What can others expect from the RGX training?

You can expect to learn how to get quicker results for your students, get on the golf course with them more (not stand on the lesson tee for 8-10 hours only working on technique), learn how to take control of your time, learn how to show you are a leader in golf instruction/coaching, how to scale you time to make more money and how believe and sell that becoming a PGA modern coach is the future of golf instruction.


What would you tell another member considering the Modern Coach training?  

Realize it is not just for full time teachers.  General Managers, Directors of Golf, Head Golf Professionals and Assistant Golf Professional can use this as well.  Watch videos and techniques on PGA Modern Coach.  Start small with one group of 3-4 of your current students or new ones you think would be willing to try it…using the results based coaching.  The more you practice it, you will see the results and how much more fun it is to teach and coach this way…you won’t regret it.  Reach out to others who have been through it and get their feedback.

About The Modern Coach

RGX will be the featured education presenter at the upcoming Southern Ohio PGA Fall Meeting. Jared Butts will touch on the Modern Coach; a methodology used by coaches across the country to more efficiently and effectively coach the game of golf. The concept is intended to help our members develop an understanding that value is based on the solution you provide your student.

Learn More about RGX and The Modern Coach

Southern Ohio PGA Fall Meeting

Monday, October 24, 2022
NCR Country Club
Featuring Jared Butts from RGX

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