FAIRBORN, OH – The Southern Ohio PGA is thrilled to recognize Jeff Grant, PGA General Manager and Chief Operating Officer at NCR Country Club, with the 2022 Bill Strausbaugh Award. 

Jeff Grant, PGA General Manager and Chief Operating Officer at NCR Country Club, is the 2022 Southern Ohio PGA Bill Strausbaugh Award recipient for his commitment to mentoring the industry’s next generation of PGA Professionals. The Northern Ohio native began in the industry through a series of internships while completing the PGA Golf Management program at Ferris State University. He has grown as a professional through experiences at facilities in the Northern Ohio, North Florida, Michigan and Minnesota Sections prior joining the Southern Ohio Section.

Grant sets an example for his peers by actively continuing to develop himself professionally. The 26-year PGA Member is Certified in General Management and a Certified Club Manager through the Club Managers Association of America. Grant is actively involved in the CMAA Ohio Valley Chapter, and is a 2018 recipient of the LaRocca Family Executive Scholarship to assist in furthering his professional development within CMAA. He is also dedicated to giving back to the community through service on the PGA of America’s Employment Committee and as a Southern Ohio PGA At-Large Director. The SOPGA 2022 Bill Strausbaugh Award is Grant’s first recognition of success working in the Southern Ohio PGA Section.  

Q: In your opinion, why is mentorship an essential aspect of professional development? 

JG: I believe that it is vital to invest your time and energy into your fellow professionals and your staff.  Being available for my fellow professionals as well as my staff as a mentor or just someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of is the most important thing that I do professionally.  Any way that you can use your platform to help to develop the careers of other club managers and PGA professionals is the key to the long term success of our industry.


Q: Who have been influential mentors throughout your career and how did they impact you?

JG: Outside of my parents and my family, I have never had what I would call a professional mentor.  I tend to learn way more from the people I assist than anywhere else.  Having perspective is a key component for me to be successful in my role.


Q: What was the best advice you received as a young professional?

JG: Do not forget where you came from and do not forget where you want to go.


Q: What element would you say is the most important to being a successful mentor?

JG: I mentor every day and I consider it one the most important roles of someone in my position.  The measurable results of watching managers that I have mentored achieve their goals is rewarding; however, I take more pride in helping/mentoring employees that just simply need a break in life.  I have personally worked with numerous employees to assist them with things such as securing transportation to work, finding safe and affordable housing, and helping with finding a path to citizenship.  I believe my position is unique in that I have the opportunity to actually make a difference in someone’s life while at the same time creating a contributing and loyal employee.  None of these things would ever be on a resume, but are certainly the most rewarding and fulfilling things to me personally and professionally.


Q: How would you advise a young professional today in finding a mentor in the industry?

JG: Do not be afraid to ask.  We have all been there and most of us learned by doing it the wrong way first.  Take the first step and show interest, it will pay dividends.


Q: What does it mean to you to receive the 2022 Bill Strausbaugh Award in recognition of your commitment to mentorship within our Section? 

JG: I take great pride in the fact that I was chosen for the Bill Strausbaugh Award.  Mentoring can be done by anyone, almost anywhere and anytime, so I am very proud that my peers in the SOPGA chose me to be recognized for this wonderful honor.

This award is presented to a SOPGA member who has shown outstanding integrity, commitment to mentoring PGA Professionals and has made a significant impact on the careers of PGA Professionals. The award also considers the member’s service to the Association, and involvement in community and charitable activities.

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