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Holden Par 3 Challenge

The Holden Par 3 Challenge is a program sponsored by Devon Holden who represents Ahead, Sun Mountain, Ecco Golf, Johnnie-O, Winning Ticket, Finn Scooters, and Garb. The events with their corresponding holes listed below will each have a Closest-to-the-Hole contest. The individual who wins the Closest-to-the-Hole at each tournament will be invited to a season ending event at the Fall Meeting at NCR Country Club on October 24, 2022.

2022 Events & Tournament Holes

$50 per Contest – To Be Paid At Final Event
4/25/22- E-Z-GO Spring Pro-Pro- Scioto Reserve CC
5/9/22- Legacy Championship- Worthington Hills C.C.

6/6/22- Stableford Championship- Dayton C.C.
6/13/22- Mid-Ohio Capitol City Classic- Medallion Club
6/20/22- Springfield Classic- Springfield C.C.

7/25/22- SOPGA Classic- Zanesville C.C.
8/1/22- Queen City Classic- TPC River’s Bend
9/6/22- New Albany Classic- New Albany C.C.



Final Contest Rules

  1. Participants will play from three different yardages (50,100,150)
  2. Cumulative Distance from the Hole from the 3 Locations determines the Winner
  3. A penalty distance will be accessed for missing the green (based on size of #18) I.e. 75 Feet, 100 Feet, etc.
  4.  Prize breakdown will be be announced.

Final Results

E-Z-GO Spring Pro-Pro- Mike Thomas, PGA (1’6″)
Legacy Championship- Glenn Johnson, PGA (1’8″)
Stableford Championship- Paul Hobart, PGA (7′)
Mid-Ohio Golf Car Capitol City Classic- Mike Kaido, PGA (1’9″)
Springfield Classic- Bob Sowards, PGA (5’7″)




Bob Sowards $300 (Wins Shootout with a combined distance from hole of 60.6′)

Paul Hobart $200 (2nd in shootout with a combined distance from hole of 68.81′)

Tim Krapfel $200* (3rd in shootout with a combined distance from hole of 73.2′)

Mike Thomas $50

Glenn Johnson $50

Mike Kaido $50

Doug Wade $50

*Tim Krapfel won 2 Holden Par-3 Challenges

SOPGA Classic- Doug Wade, PGA (2′)
Queen City Classic- Tim Krapfel, PGA (1′)
New Albany Classic- Tim Krapfel, PGA (1’9″)